VIITA is women´s coat brand from Finland established in 2008. VIITA´s essential elements are sustainability, individuality and classicism.

VIITA´s comprehensive view on clothing guarantees longevity of the coats. Instead of rapidly changing seasons VIITA launches annually two small collections, which complements previous permanent collections and are available troughout different seasons.

Moreover, VIITA coats are made from environmental friendly materials such as wool and linen. Various materials are used in VIITA designs and personal look is created when using surplus of high quality fabrics from well known manufacturers.

Customer orientated approach combined with ecology is VIITA´s philosophy. VIITA coats are handmade, and they are manufactured in a small Finnish dressmaker´s shop that makes each peace genuinely unique and fine handwork.

VIITA coats are available in various shades and sizes and can be customized. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Essi Kotaviita
Behind the VIITA women’s coat brand is a designer Essi Kotaviita. Her clothing design background lies in theatre, and for a while different projects from short films and dance performs to musicals bound her almost 24/7. As a designer Essi Kotaviita´s main influences takes back in time when she trained for profession under the head designers in opera costume dressmaker in Milano Italy.

Living surrounded by an atmosphere where colors, sounds, styles and sence of history played a great role in people’s lives still inspires her the most. The VIITA collections are named after Essi Kotaviita´s main isnpirations at a time, such as feelings, seasons or for example different song names. As Kotaviita´s own words,

“Inspiration is coming from surrounding environment; from people, atmosphere, culture, music and seasons”.